• Anomaly

    Barrelholder Release

    • Signature Hops
    • Yeast C12 House Belgian Yeast
    • Standout Ingredients Time + Woodinville Whiskey Bourbon Barrels
    ABV 8.7%

    Anomaly is a delicious deviation from the norm, yet reminiscent of a Belgian Quadrupel.

    Aged in American Oak bourbon barrels, an assertive bourbon character is tempered by notes of dark fruit, sweet vanilla, and coffee. Hints of candied sugar and clove peek through toasted malts in this lovingly blended barrelholder release.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Excitation

    Cacao Nib Espresso Stout

    • Signature Hops This one is about the malts.
    • Yeast It's a secret!
    • Standout Ingredients Cacao Nibs & Espresso
    ABV 6.4%

    Going around in circles along the same well-worn path? Break away from the mundane and elevate yourself to the next level of flavour with our rich, bold stout.

    Enhanced with cold pressed, organic espresso and raw cacao nibs, Excitation may just incite bonding in ways only previously imagined.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Belgian Golden Strong Ale

    Barrelholder Release

    • Signature Hops Hallertau
    • Yeast C12 House Belgian Yeast
    • Standout Ingredients Red Wine Barrels
    ABV 10.6%

    Our Barrelholder series pays homage to the contributors of a successfuly campaign that allowed us to get an early start on the delicious process of barrel aging. Cheers to the original Barrelholders, and to you, the holder of this bottle!

    This limited release Belgian Golden Strong Ale is crafted to be bright and crip with a medium body. Lightly fruity and spicy, the aging in red wine oak barrels has imparted delicate toasted oak and caramel notes. Combined with sweet vanilla overtones and a deceptive 10.6% ABV, the barrel process has added depth and complexity to an already delicious beer.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Dry-Hopped Sour

    Elemental Series

    • Signature Hops Huell Melon & Mandarina Bavaria
    • Yeast Sacc. "brux" Trois
    • Standout Ingredients Lactobacillus
    ABV 5.0%

    Complex and refreshing, this light and distinctly tart beer has been soured with a mixed Lactobacillus culture and fermented with Saccharomyces Trois wild yeast. To balance the acidity we generously dry hopped with new German hop varieties Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon which showcase aromas of summer fruit.

    Our Elemental Series is the culmination of our commitment to experimentation and innovation. Available for a short time and in limited quantities, this is an invitation into the lab that you won’t want to miss!

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Simplicity


    • Signature Hops Cascade & Mt. Hood
    • Yeast C12 House Belgian Yeast
    • Standout Ingredients Organic spelt grain
    5.0% ABV

    Sometimes the answer you are searching for is right in front of you. It’s only when you take a moment to go back to the drawing board and revisit your calculations that everything comes together. Quite often, Simplicity brings clarity.

    Showcasing organic spelt grain, this straw coloured, pearlescent ale starts with a lightly fruity and floral nose that leads into a subtle body with a crisp, dry finish. Clean and slightly bittered – with just a hint of European sass – Simplicity reminds us all to step back, relax and appreciate the finer details.

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Induction (Out of Season)

    Belgian Inspired Dubbel

    • Signature Hops Umm, this one is about the malt!
    • Yeast C12 House Belgian Yeast
    • Standout Ingredients Glorious specialty malts & handcrafted dark Candi syrup
    ABV 7.5%

    You made it. It’s become ritual hasn’t it? Now is the time to take your oath. You have survived the journey into the craft - a progressive initiation into a secret society worthy of reverence and respect. Ready to be initiated?

    Dark candi syrup handcrafted in the Belgian tradition provides this Dubbel a rich, red colour, with hints a dark fruit notes and brown sugar.

    Welcome back to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Insubordinate

    Session IPA

    • Signature Hops Centennial & Columbus
    • Yeast American Ale
    • Standout Ingredients Crystal and Caramel Vienna malts.
    ABV 4.5%

    Sometimes to get what you really want, you've got to step outside of the lab and do things your own way. To escape the grind and seize an opportunity to make your own mark. The benefits can be surprising.

    This isn’t your standard IPA. The piney, citrusy hop character hits your palate with striking crispness that fades quickly, leading to a mild, malt sweetness and dry finish. See you back in the lab.

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Subversion

    Imperial IPA

    • Signature Hops Mt. Hood, Cascade & Centennial
    • Yeast American Ale
    • Standout Ingredients The hops!
    ABV 8.8%

    A lot can happen under the cover of night. Stealth - but not still - covert operations are taking place. Previous loyalties are being abandoned in favour of new traditions. If you pay attention, you won’t be left behind.

    Subversion is a big, bold, west coast Imperial IPA. The body is medium-full, so its hop character is truly showcased. This beer will flip you on your head!

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Transmutation

    Belgian Specialty Ale

    • Signature Hops Hallertauer and Northern Brewer
    • Yeast C12 House Belgian Yeast
    • Standout Ingredients Amber Candi sugar, Superior Pilsner and Belgian Caravienne malts.
    ABV 9.6%

    Some observations simply defy explanation. Even the most analytical minds accept that there will always be deviations. Things that just won't fit neatly into established paradigms. Sometimes the most carefully crafted experiment yields totally unexpected results . This is one of those times. This is a beer larger than the sum of its parts.

    An effervescent, slightly sweet Belgian inspired ale with a Northwest hop influence. Using hand crafted amber candi sugar, this medium bodied beer crosses borders! It is smooth and dangerous!

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Waveform


    • Signature Hops East Kent Goldings
    • Yeast C12 House Belgian Yeast
    • Standout Ingredients Cardamom Seeds and Grapefruit Peel
    ABV 5.3%

    It's not what you were expecting. But once the momentum builds, it's electrifying to roll where it takes you. A surge of inspiration takes hold and sends you careening towards something new, something even better. There's no turning back now...

    This is Witbier gone rogue. Refreshing grapefruit citrus character leads into a soft wheat body, finishing with subtle hints of spicy cardamom.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Wild IPA

    Elemental Series

    • Signature Hops El Dorado & Azacca
    • Yeast Sacc. "brux" Trois
    • Standout Ingredients Experimental hops & wild yeast
    ABV 6.9%

    Our Wild IPA is fermented with an untamed wild yeast call Sacc. trois. This yeast imparts an enticing tropical fruit aroma with a slightly tart finish that complements our hop profile. The result is an assertive IPA with layers of luscious fruit, citrus and spicy character.

    Our Elemental Series is the culmination of our commitment to experimentation and innovation. Available for a short time and in limited quantities, this is an invitation into the lab that you don't want to miss!

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • ZRA

    Zombie Repellant Ale

    • Signature Hops Zythos
    • Yeast C12 Belgian House Strain
    • Standout Ingredients CaraRed, Fennel & Sweet Orange
    ABV 6.9%

    In the middle of the night, when all evidence of light has faded, that’s when they come. Be vigilant, be prepared.

    This Belgian red ale features Zythos hops, CaraRed malt, Azacca hops and distinct aromas of licorice and sweet orange which are sure to snap any mindless, pumpkin spice zombie out of their trance and back to reality. Our ZRA will increase your resolve to fight your way through the throngs of pumpkin beer loving zombie hoards to get to what you really want... Zombie Repellant Ale.

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Disruption - Gold Medal

    Black IPA

    • Signature Hops Simcoe, Cascade, and Columbus
    • Yeast American Ale
    • Standout Ingredients Carafa and Munich malts
    ABV 6.7%
    Canadian Brewing Awards
    Gold Medal
    Best American Black Ale

    Compulsion will drive you to distraction. While most of us are happy languishing in the comfort of predictability, there are a select few who are restless. They spend their days trying desperately to hide an urgent need to disrupt this culture of mindless repetition, but their desire to maintain appearances is ultimately overshadowed by their fascinations.

    Get ready to challenge what you think about dark beer. This black IPA is a calculated anomaly. It looks big and scary like a stout, but it drinks like an IPA. Close your eyes, you’ll never guess how far into the dark you're sinking. With its fresh hop aroma and roasted malt flavour, Disruption is a whole new beast.

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Critical Point

    Northwest Pale Ale

    • Signature Hops Cascade and Falconer’s Flight TM
    • Yeast American Ale
    • Standout Ingredients Superior Pale Ale and Crystal malts
    ABV 5.6%

    The pressure is on. It’s going to take cunning to blend science with instinct and the clock is ticking. But timing is everything and precision is the only thing that matters. Confidence, analysis and art collide to create a perfectly balanced beer. And, when it comes down to the wire, success tastes even more satisfying.

    This true Northwest Pale Ale is all about timing. An emphasis on late hop additions with notes of tropical hops, Critical Point is extremely smooth. The alluring citrus aroma will draw you in and the well-rounded caramel finish will keep you coming back.

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.
  • Unsanctioned

    Belgian Inspired Saison

    • Signature Hops Zythos TM
    • Yeast C12 House Belgian Yeast
    • Standout Ingredients Superior Pilsner and Belgian Caravienne malts and a hint of Rye.
    ABV 6.9%

    Congratulations. You made it Almost.

    Exceptional taste is the only thing that will get you through the gate at this point. When defiance is threatening to bubble over, it takes tremendous restraint to keep what matters most in-check. Keep your cool, you got this.

    Our flavourful Saison is discreetly sessionable. It boasts a crisp body with a dry finish and a bouquet that is distinctly Belgian. Hints of clove and spice, complemented by aromatic hops, make us stand out where it matters most.

    Welcome to the lab.

    Our beers are unfiltered, some haze is natural.

You might call it magic. Perhaps you call it luck. But in reality it all comes down to this…


(Sound Science + Good Taste)4 × Art8 = (Great Beer)12

There is a fundamental basis of biology and chemistry that guides the fermentation process and enables the creation of consistently great beers.

Category 12’s head brewer and founder, Michael Kuzyk, has been brewing beer for nearly 20 years and has his doctorate in microbiology and biochemistry from UVic. But all work and no play makes… well, you know the rest. After leading the creation of several world-class research labs, he decided it was time to make his own – dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional beer.

The C12 Thesis

Bold beers for strong minds. With Michael’s continual tinkering, you can expect a continually expanding line of seasonal releases, including those that pay homage to our favourite big Belgians and hoppy Northwestern ales.

We make beers that we like to drink, and we’ve learned how to play nicely, we share!

Michael’s obsession with great beer, recipe optimization, and meticulous record keeping practices–honed during his research days–make him a brewer to be reckoned with.

Don’t Worry. I’m a Doctor.

Michael started brewing his own beer in the mid-1990s, during graduate studies. Hundreds of Untappd check-ins later, his passion for brewing finally prevailed and his wife Karen conceded to the inevitable.

In preparation for launching Category 12, they both travelled up and down the West Coast, visiting and talking to the very best brewmasters and building a beer-making syllabus that is sure to cement their uniquely precise place in this exciting industry.

The Future of the Brew

Michael experiments with a 50 L pilot brew bench that allows him to fine tune recipes that scale to our 1,500 L production capacity-and we have more than a few on the books. Our brewhouse is proudly made on the Island, just around the corner from the brewery. Specific Mechanical has made over 350 brewing systems over the last 25 years, and ours is the first one they will be able to walk over and enjoy in person.

But good beer doesn’t do any good if no one knows about it! Enter Jeff Kendrew, our Sales & Marketing Manager who is a Certified Cicerone® and co-founder of Victoria Beer Week. Jeff will be introducing you to Category 12 beers at your local pubs, liquor stores and festivals. Watch for him – but be careful as his passion is contagious!

Welcome to the Ultimate Lab

Category 12 is the complete Northwest craft brewery experience. We look forward to welcoming fellow craft beer aficionados into our “growler testing facility”, where beer always comes first.

To repeatedly produce top quality craft beers that stand out from the crowd – and keep customers returning for more–requires both creativity and intense attention to detail. We’ve got both. Welcome to our lab.

Welcome to the Lab

keeping it local

Keeping it Local

At Category 12 Brewing, we value quality above all else. We only source the very best ingredients and all of our brewery equipment is Canadian-made by Specific Mechanical [link], located less than 1 km away from our brewhouse.

We Care. Maybe Too Much.

We brew in small batches, just 30 kegs at a time. This gives us optimum control over our product and allows us to fine tune our recipes, ensuring you get the best beer, every sip.


You are Welcome

…into our growler shop and brewery.  The Lab gives you a window into our super secret brewing process. Grab a taster of fresh Category 12 beer and watch us work while you wait for your growler to be filled.

Beer + Delicious Food

Food always tastes better when you get to eat it with your hands. We are primed to partner with Victoria’s burgeoning food truck scene, so please watch for announcements and mark your calendar. 


When and Where To Get Our Beer

Our brewery tap room fills growlers & serves tasting flights!

Tel: 250-652-9668


Monday to Saturday 12 – 6 pm
Sunday 12 – 4 pm

Taproom 2016 Holiday Schedule


Liquor Licensees

Category 12 is ready to make your taps, shelves, and customers, thirsty for more. Contact us today to make sure your fine establishment gets in on the experiment.

Everybody's Welcome in the Lab

Keep an eye on Category 12. You never know what we’ll have brewing next. You can contact us at info@category12brewing.com or...

Jeff Kendrew

Sales Manager
Certified Cicerone®

Karen Kuzyk

Branding & Operations Manager info@category12brewing.com
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