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PART TIME, PERFECT FOR STUDENTS You have always felt like a natural host and enjoy making others feel at home. You know that beer isn’t just cold, yellow and fizzy. You love sharing your excitement and love of craft with the general public and getting paid to do it sounds like the perfect job to … Continued

Excitation Stout released in bottles!

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Excitation Stout released in bottles!

Going around in circles along the same well-worn path? Break away from the mundane and elevate yourself to the next level of flavour with our rich, bold stout. Excitation may just incite bonding in ways only previously imagined! As you’ve come to expect, our stout is big on flavour and features organic cacao nibs, and … Continued


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If you missed out last year, then you are in for a treat! At 9.6% ABV, Transmutation is a blast to brew and one of our personal favourites, for without it we would likely not have left our past lives and embarked on this Category 12 adventure! We have once again cooked up our own Belgian amber … Continued

Keating Collaboration Stout

Category 12 is proud to announce its 2nd full-batch experimental beer release!  This beer is in collaboration with our Keating Cross Road neighbours Level Ground Coffee. We use fair trade cold-pressed espresso and raw cacao nibs in this rich and smooth export-style stout. We were inspired by our original R&D batch of a coffee stout, but we wanted … Continued

Tap Room Release of our Belgian Golden Strong Ale!

Category 12 is proud to announce its first full-batch experimental beer release!  Inspired by our Belgian Golden Strong Ale that we brewed with BrewVic for Victoria Beer Week back in March -you may recall this beer first making a brief appearance as our first R&D pilot batch back in May. Before scaling it up to the big brewhouse we sent this beer … Continued

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